Capitan iron deposit

former iron mine of asbestos in Lincoln county, NM

Geologic information

Name of siteCapitan iron deposit
Developmentformer iron mine
Geographic location:-105.5533, 33.6217
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Fibrous mineralThe tremolite is finely fibrous"" (Kelley, 1952, p. 74)
Host rock typesmagnetite iron ore replacing dolomite
Geologic map unit-105.5533, 33.6217
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Reference information

Patton, L.T., 1940, Tremolite bearing limestone of the Capitan quadrangle, N. Mex.: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 10, no. 3, p. 137.
Kelley, V.C., 1952, Origin and pyrometasomatic zoning of the Capitan iron deposit, Lincoln County, New Mexico: Economic Geology, v. 47, no. 1, p. 64-83.