Garnet Ridge prospect

past prospect of asbestos in Plumas county, CA

Geologic information

Name of siteGarnet Ridge prospect
Developmentpast prospect
Geographic location:-121.367, 39.99
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Fibrous mineralanthophyllite asbestos
Associated mineralsantigorite
Host rock typesperidotite
Geologic map unit-121.367, 39.99
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Reference information

Linne, J.M., Stebbins, S.A., and Graham, D.E., 1983, Summary report--Mineral investigation of the Bucks Lake and Chips Creek Rare II areas (nos. 5168 and 5099), Plumas and Butte Counties, California: U.S. Bureau of Mines Mine Land Assessment Open-File Report MLA 55-83, 22 p.