Occurrences in canyon of Clear Creek

occurrence of asbestos in San Benito county, CA

Geologic information

Name of siteOccurrences in canyon of Clear Creek
CountySan Benito
Geographic location:-120.716, 36.382
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Fibrous mineralclinochrysotile
Associated mineralsantigorite
Host rock typesserpentinite
Geologic map unit-120.716, 36.382
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Reference information

Faust, G.T., and Fahey, J.J., 1962, The serpentine-group minerals: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 384-A, 92 p.
Yoder, H.S., and Chesterman, C.W., 1976, Jadeite of San Benito County, California [Reprinted from Special Report 10-C, September 1951], in California jade--A collection of reprints: California Division of Mines and Geology Special Publication 49, p. 29-34.