prospects on Cemetery Ridge

past prospect of asbestos in La Paz county, AZ

Geologic information

Name of siteprospects on Cemetery Ridge
Developmentpast prospect
CountyLa Paz
Geographic location:-113.4895, 33.3853
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Fibrous mineralactinolite asbestos
Associated mineralschlorite
Host rock typesamphibolite dikes
Geologic map unit-113.4895, 33.3853
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Reference information

Wilson, E.D., 1933, Geology and mineral deposits of southern Yuma County, Arizona: Arizona Bureau of Mines Bulletin No. 134, 234 p.
Gilbert, W.G., and Spencer, J.E., 1992, Geology of Cemetery Ridge, Clanton Hills, and westernmost Gila Bend Mountains, La Paz and Yuma Counties, Arizona: Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-4, 1 sheet, scale 1:24,000, includes 16-p. text.