unnamed prospect

past prospect of asbestos in Carroll county, GA

Geologic information

Name of siteunnamed prospect
Developmentpast prospect
Geographic location:-84.933, 33.723
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Fibrous mineralanthophyllite asbestos, chrysotile
Associated mineralsantigorite
Host rock typesmetaperidotite
Geologic map unit-84.933, 33.723
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Reference information

Hopkins, O.B., 1914, A report on the asbestos, talc and soapstone deposits of Georgia: Geological Survey of Georgia Bulletin No. 29, 319 p.
Cook, R.B., 1978, Minerals of Georgia--Their properties and occurrences: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Geologic and Water Resources Division, Bulletin 92, 189 p.
Pate, M.L., 1980, Gold, pyrite and asbestos deposits of the Villa Rica mining district, west-central Georgia--A preliminary report: Georgia Geologic Survey Open-File Report 81-3, 24 p.