serpentinite outcrop

occurrence of asbestos in Oxford county, ME

Geologic information

Name of siteserpentinite outcrop
Geographic location:-70.8313, 45.2385
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Fibrous mineralclinochrysotile
Associated mineralsserpentine
Host rock typesserpentinite
Geologic map unit-70.8313, 45.2385
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Reference information

Harwood, D.S., 1973, Bedrock geology of the Cupsuptic and Arnold Pond quadrangles, west-central Maine: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1346, 90 p., 2 plates.
Boudette, E.L., 1982, Ophiolite assemblage of early Paleozoic age in central western Maine, in St-Julien, P., and Beland, J., eds., Major structural zones and faults of the northern Appalachians: Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 24, p. 209-230.