Dunlap (Rhodewalt) serpentine quarry

occurrence of asbestos in Chester county, PA

Geologic information

Name of siteDunlap (Rhodewalt) serpentine quarry
Geographic location:-76.044, 39.728
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Fibrous mineralamphibole asbestos
Associated mineralsserpentine
Host rock typesmetaperidotite
Geologic map unit-76.044, 39.728
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Reference information

Gordon, S.G., 1922, The mineralogy of Pennsylvania: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Special Publication No. 1, 255 p.
Pearre, N.C., and Heyl, A.V., Jr., 1960, Chromite and other mineral deposits in serpentine rocks of the Piedmont Upland, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1082-K, p. 707-833, plates 40-47.