Political divisions (FIPS codes)



United States(country)

North America(continent)


USGS map quadrangles

Pine Flat Dam(quadrangle 1:24,000 scale)

Fresno(quadrangle 1:100,000 scale)

Fresno(quadrangle 1:250,000 scale)

Hydrologic units (watersheds)

Upper King(hydrologic unit)

Tulare-Buena Vista Lakes(hydrologic accounting unit)

Tulare-Buena Vista Lakes(hydrologic subregion)

California(hydrologic region)

Federal lands

Pine Flat Reservoir(Army Corps of Engineers)

Army Corps of Engineers DOD(Type of land area)

DOD(Federal land areas administered by DOD)

Sierra National Forest(National Forest)

National Forest FS(Type of land area)

FS(Federal land areas administered by FS)