SGMC map unit details at a geographic location

Service URL:
Description: Given a geologic unit identifier, returns descriptive information about the unit

Input parameters

unit Unique identifier for a geologic unit, a value of unit_link from the units table of the SGMC relational database; either unit is specified or x and y are specified
x Geographic longitude in decimal degrees with datum WGS84, west longitudes negative, specified with y if unit is not specified
y Geographic latitude in decimal degrees with datum WGS84, south latitudes negative, specified with x if unit is not specified
f XML or JSON if either of those formats is desired, otherwise the XML will be transformed into HTML by the server

Output results

description XML, JSON or HTML record giving complete characteristics of the geologic unit specified by the unit input variable or, if that is omitted, by determining which unit is located at the x and y coordinates given by those input parameters