Chuchel, Bruce A.

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Gravity data from Dry Lake and Delamar Valleys, east-central Nevada

Principal facts (gravity observations) for 185 new stations

Geophysical data from the Spring and Snake Valleys area, Nevada and Utah

Existing and new gravity station data and magnetometer measurements used to infer geologic structure of this area

Gravity, magnetic, and physical property data in the Smoke Creek Desert area, Northwest Nevada

Aerial, truck-towed, and hand-held magnetometer measurements, gravity station data, and sample density and magnetic susceptibility measures

Gravity and physical property data in the Chico and Willows 1:100,000-scale quadrangles, California

Gravity, density, and magnetic susceptibility (for hand samples) measured in this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

Preliminary isostatic gravity map of Joshua Tree National Park and vicinity, southern California

Map with excel tables showing principal facts (gravity observation data).

Magnetic and gravity studies of Mono Lake, east-central, California

Magnetic and gravity investigations were undertaken in Mono Lake to study regional crustal structures and to aid in understanding the geologic framework, in particular regarding potential geothermal resources and volcanic hazards throughout Mono Basin.