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Integrated investigations of environmental effects of historical mining in the Animas River watershed, San Juan county, Colorado

Major assessment of the environmental effects of historical mining in the Animas River watershed with GIS data files, tables, and plates.

Radionuclide data and calculations and loss-on-ignition, X-ray fluorescence, and ICP-AES data from cores in catchments of the Animas river, Colorado

Results from sediment cores collected during 1997-1999 oxbow lakes and beaver ponds to assess impact of historic mining and exposed mineral deposits on the quality of the water and the aquatic and riparian habitats.

Geospatial database for regional environmental assessment of central Colorado

Study focusing on the effects of historical mining on Forest Service lands in this area.

Lead isotope determinations from sulfide mineral occurrences--Russian Far East

Data represent work completed when the study ended due to lack of funding. Geologic and site information on each specific deposit or occurrence are provided. Analytical and geologic data are summarized and site descriptions for samples analyzed are listed

Integrated investigations of environmental effects of historical mining in the Basin and Boulder mining districts, Boulder River watershed, Jefferson County, Montana

Geological, geochemical, hydrologic, and biological observations combined with geographic framework data, supporting a multidisciplinary assessment of the impact of historic mining in this area.