De Vivo, Benedetto

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A geochemical isotopic (Nd-Pb) comparison of volcanic rocks erupted during the last 3,550 yrs. B.P. of interplinian activity of Somma-Vesuvius Volcano, southern Italy

Nd and Pb isotopic analyses from stratigraphic sampling from Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex, Italy, during the last 3550 years point to contributions from heterogeneous lithosphere, continental crust, and magma mixing.

Pb isotopes and toxic metal abundances in the floodplain and stream sediments from the Volturno River basin (Campania, Italy); natural and anthropogenic contributions

An environmental study of a river basin. Includes geochemical and isotopic analyses in order to understand sources of contamination.

Geochemical and Pb isotopic characterization of soil, groundwater, human hair, and corn samples from the Domizio Flegreo and Agro Aversano area (Campania region, Italy)

<p id="sp0080">A geochemical survey was carried out to investigate metal contamination in the Domizio Littoral and Agro Aversano area (Southern Italy) by means of soil, groundwater, human hair and corn samples. Pb isotope ratios were also determined to id