Doebrich, Jeff L.

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Geologic and mineral resource map of Afghanistan

The 1:850,000 scale Afghanistan geologic and mineral resource information shown on this map is derived from digitization of the original data from Abdullah and Chmyriov (1977).

U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Resources Program—Mineral resource science supporting informed decisionmaking

Explains the goals of this scientific research program and the methods by which USGS carries out this research.

Geology and nonfuel mineral deposits of Asia and the Pacific

Report on known and undiscovered nonfuel mineral deposits and resources of the Asia and Pacific region. Includes the age and type of rocks that contain the deposits, and regional exploration history.

Geology and nonfuel mineral deposits of Africa and the Middle East

Delineated areas of the world that are geologically permissive for the occurrence of undiscovered selected nonfuel mineral resources together with estimates of the quantity and quality of the resources