Eberl, Dennis D.

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Soil mineralogy and geochemistry along a north-south transect in Alaska and the relation to source-rock terrane

Weight percent of 15 mineral groups from 331 samples, geochemical analyses of 58 major and trace-element chemical species from 502 samples taken at 175 sites, along with data from geochemical reference standards and analyses of splits.

An updated X-ray diffractogram library of geologic materials

An updated library of X-ray powder diffraction data intended for qualitative or full-pattern quantitative mineralogical analysis of geologic materials. These data are meant to accompany RockJock, a USGS program for quantitative analysis of mineralogy. However, this library of diffractograms may be used effectively for quantitative mineralogical analysis of geologic materials using other programs that utilize full-pattern summation. Data are provided in CSV format.

Characterization of Geologic Structures and Host Rock Properties Relevant to the Hydrogeology of the Standard Mine in Elk Basin, Gunnison County, Colorado

Geological and borehole geophysical data and observations collected to characterize the basin and its surface and groundwater flow systems with primary focus on the physical characteristics of the fault vein, related mine workings, and surrounding bedrock