Goldfarb, Richard J.

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Tellurium: providing a bright future for solar energy

Explains how and where tellurium resources form and concentrate and how they are used and interact with the environment to affect human and ecosystem health. Discusses supply and demand trends and where undiscovered sources of tellurium might be found.


Tellurium is a rare element obtained as a byproduct of mining for other commodities whose main uses are in photovoltaic solar cells and as an additive to copper, lead, and steel alloys in various types of machinery.

The conjunction of factors that lead to formation of giant gold provinces and deposits in non-arc settings

<p id="abspara0010">It is quite evident that it is not anomalous metal transport, nor unique depositional conditions, nor any single factor at the deposit scale, that dictates whether a mineral deposit becomes a giant or not. A hierarchical approach thus