Goldman, Margaret A.

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Bayesian modeling of NURE airborne radiometric data for the conterminous United States: predictions and grids

Estimates of potassium, equivalent uranium, and equivalent thorium for the conterminous United States derived from the USGS national airborne radiometric data compilation analyzed using a Bayesian hierarchical model to produce new grids for this area. Data are provided in CSV and GeoTIFF formats.

Spatial data associated with tungsten skarn resource assessment of the Northern Rocky Mountains, Montana and Idaho

Resource assessment and supporting data including permissive tracts, mineral sites in the study area, geologic units, geologic maps, stream sediment geochemistry, whole rock chemistry, airborne radiometric data, and lower frequency content EMAG2 data. Data are provided in Esri file geodatabase, shapefile, and CSV formats.

Digital geologic map of the Elizabethtown Quadrangle, Essex County, New York

Digitized shapefiles representing surface geologic features depicted in Matthew S. Walton's unpublished 1960 geologic map of this area. Includes geologic units representing Precambrian basement rock, geologic structures, diabase dikes, mine shaft locations, and water bodies. Data are provided in shapefile and GeoTiff formats. Notes from the original map are provided in PDF format.

User guide to the bayesian modeling of non-stationary, univariate, spatial data using R language package BMNUS

Bayesian modeling of non-stationary, univariate, spatial data is performed using the R-language package BMNUS. A unique advantage of this package is that it can map the mean, standard deviation, quantiles, and probability of exceeding a specified value. T

Three GIS datasets defining areas permissive for the occurrence of uranium-bearing, solution-collapse breccia pipes in northern Arizona and southeast Utah

Data to determine the distribution of uranium deposits, breccia pipes, and collapse features and define areas permissible for uranium-bearing breccia pipes in northern Arizona and southeast Utah. Data are provided in shapefile format.