Goonan, Thomas G.

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The lifecycle of silver in the United States in 2009

<p>Because silver is highly sought after for its properties, which make it eminently suitable for new technology applications, a clear understanding of the flow of materials in the economy, the historical context, and trends for the future can help projec

United States copper metal and scrap use and trade patterns, 1995‒2014

Explains supply and demand for US copper. Worldwide demand increased, much of that from China. Chinese demand for copper scrap from the US has decreased recently, which could lead to an oversupply and declining prices.

Mineral commodity exporting ports of Latin America and the Caribbean

Mineral commodity exporting ports relating to the mineral industries this area. Includes the mineral commodities exported, the form of the exported mineral commodity, the port owner, the estimated annual tonnage, destination countries, as well as sources of mineral products. Data are provided in CSV format.