Gray, Floyd

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Porphyry copper assessment of Central America and the Caribbean Basin

Study delineated permissive areas for undiscovered porphyry copper deposits, compiled a database of known deposits and significant prospects, estimated undiscovered deposits within those areas and made probabilistic estimates of their metal content.

Geochemistry of soils from the San Rafael Valley, Santa Cruz County, Arizona

Surficial geochemical methods used to identify subsurface mineral deposits covered by alluvium. Can a geophysical anomaly, interpreted as a buried granite pluton, be discerned from the geochemical characteristics of overlying Quaternary sediments?

Assessment of geochemical and hydrologic conditions near Old Yuma Mine in Saguaro National Park, Arizona, 2014–17

The Old Yuma Mine is an abandoned copper, lead, zinc, silver, and gold mine located within the boundaries of Saguaro National Park, Tucson Mountain District, Arizona. This study analyzed the geochemistry of sediments associated with the Old Yuma Mine and

Geology and resource assessment of the Venezuelan Guayana Shield at 1:500,000 scale

Mineral resource assessment of the Venezuelan Guayana Shield, including geologic unit map

Preliminary geologic map of the Greater Antilles and the Virgin Islands

A compilation of information from the literature, integrated to provide a seamless geologic map of the region. Two map sheets are included, a more general sheet showing the entire area and a more detailed sheet showing Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Global mineral resource assessment--porphyry copper assessment of Mexico

Includes known resources and permissive tracts with estimates of the number of undiscovered resources likely to be present in the permissive tracts.