Gulbransen, Cayce A.

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Isotope and chemical data for: Sulfur isotopes of host strata for Howards Pass (Yukon-Northwest Territories) Zn-Pb deposits implicate anaerobic oxidation of methane not basin stagnation

Sulfur and carbon isotope compositions, concentrations of selected elements, and concentrations of pyrite sulfur and organic carbon in mudstone samples collected from five cores drilled in this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

Sulfur isotope data for: Intermediate sulfidation type base metal mineralization at Aliabad-Khanchy, Tarom-Hashtjin metallogenic belt, NW Iran

Sulfur isotope analyses of chalcopyrite from a base metal deposit in this area. Rock samples were collected from outcrops, and chalcopyrite was separated for analysis by hand picking. The data are provided in CSV format.

Sulfur isotope analyses of mineral deposits: sulfide minerals in epithermal veins of the Lowland mining district, Montana, USA and anhydrite associated with the Black Angel zinc-lead-silver deposit, Greenland

Sulfur isotope determinations (34S/32S ratios) for sulfur-bearing minerals collected from epithermal veins in this area and from metasedimentary rocks that host the Black Angel zinc-lead-silver deposit. Samples were collected by cooperators as parts of larger ore genesis studies. Data are provided in CSV format.