Kane, Tyler J.

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An updated X-ray diffractogram library of geologic materials

An updated library of X-ray powder diffraction data intended for qualitative or full-pattern quantitative mineralogical analysis of geologic materials. These data are meant to accompany RockJock, a USGS program for quantitative analysis of mineralogy. However, this library of diffractograms may be used effectively for quantitative mineralogical analysis of geologic materials using other programs that utilize full-pattern summation. Data are provided in CSV format.

X-ray diffraction data of sediment samples from Hastings, Nebraska

X-ray diffraction data on sediment core samples collected in this area to inform aquifer sediment composition, mineralogical composition of operationally defined size fractions, and geochemical modeling. Data are provided in CSV format.

Geochemical and mineralogical analyses of uranium ores from the Hack II and Pigeon deposits, solution-collapse breccia pipes, Grand Canyon region, Mohave and Coconino Counties, Arizona, USA

Whole-rock geochemistry, X-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy analyses of samples collected from the uranium ore bodies of two mined-out deposits in this area to understand the formation of this type of mineral deposit. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel, CSV, and PDF reports.