Leewis, Mary-Cathrine C.

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Grass Growth in Mining Wastes with Compost and Endophyte Additions

Phytostabilization reduces the mobility of inorganic contaminants by establishing or enhancing plant growth. For small, remote, or abandoned mines, phytostabilization may reduce potential environmental hazards, provided plants can establish and grow. We grew a widespread perennial grass in mining wastes with and without soil and microbial amendments to determine whether we could improve plant establishment and growth. Data are provided in CSV format.

Phytostabilization in Polymetallic Tailings using Compost and Endophyte Additions

Hazard mitigation field experiment using the growth of native plants to stabilize mining wastes and potentially toxic elements in them (phytostabilization). Lab analysis of the materials for geochemistry and other pertinent characteristics of the soil and plants. Data are provided in CSV format.