Lowers, Heather A.

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Particle size characterization of water-elutriated Libby amphibole 2000 and RTI International amosite

Morphological data on fibrous mineral particles from an old vermiculite mine that has been a subject of environmental health investigations

Epidote from the Zard Mountains, Kharan, Balochistan, Pakistan

The authors received two unusual crystals of epidote from Rock Currier, Jewel Tunnel Imports, in 2012. The mineral specimens were collected at Zard Mountain (Zard Koh), in the central part of the Ruskoh Mountains (Rusk Koh), west of Kharan, Balochistan, P

Geologic and mineralogic controls on acid and metal-rich rock drainage in an alpine watershed, Handcard Gulch, Colorado

Mineralogical data on samples from the surface and from drill cores, with geological observations help to understand the hydrology and effects of geology on acid-rock drainage in a mineralized alpine watershed.

Linking geology and health sciences to assess childhood lead poisoning from artisanal gold mining in Nigeria

Approximately 400 young children have died and thousands more are affected. This study clarifies lead sources and exposure pathways, identifies other toxicants of concern and people at risk, and examines potential for similar lead poisoning globally.