Magnin, Benjamin P.

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Gravity data in the Wet Mountains area, southcentral Colorado, 2021 to 2022

Data from 261 measurements of gravity measured in this area to compliment newly collected airborne magnetic data for surface and subsurface geologic mapping and to aid the subsurface interpretation of mapped and concealed Ediacaran-Ordovician alkaline intrusions related to rare earth element (REE) mineralization. Data are provided in CSV format.

Magnetic susceptibility measurements in the Wet Mountains, Colorado, 2021 to 2022

Rock magnetic susceptibility measurements collected to understand the sources of airborne magnetic survey anomalies in this area. A total of 808 measurements were collected over 50 locations to identify concealed Ediacaran-Ordovician alkaline igneous features and potential rare earth element deposits. Data are provided in CSV format.

Geochemical data for stream water samples from streams around the Pogo Deposit and Black Mountain Au occurrences, Big Delta quadrangle, Alaska, 2021

Geochemistry of water samples were collected from 36 stream sample sites in areas that have known gold-rich mineral occurrences. Data are provided in CSV format.