Mast, M. Alisa

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Hydrogeochemical investigation of the Standard Mine vicinity, upper Elk Creek basin, Colorado

Ground- and surface-water samples were collected in order to characterize the local ground-water flow system, determine metal concentrations in local ground water, and understand factors controlling the discharge of metal-rich waters from the mine.

Spring runoff water-chemistry data from the Standard Mine and Elk Creek, Gunnison County, Colorado, 2010

Periodic sampling of water during the spring of 2010 was carried out to understand the range and timing of variation in pH and metal concentration, and help evaluate variation in water quality during spring runoff.

GIS data and scripts for Colorado Legacy Mine Lands Watershed Delineation and Scoring tool (WaDeS)

GIS datasets supporting software that helps identify potential mine remediation sites in this area. Data are provided in file geodatabase, shapefile, and geoTiff formats.