Menzie, W. David

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Review of selected global mineral industries in 2011 and an outlook to 2017

This report reviews the world production of selected mineral commodities in 2011 and includes output projections (based on planned capacity expansions) through 2017. It also includes brief discussions of several issues that are of importance to the minera

Economic filters for evaluating porphyry copper deposit resource assessments using grade-tonnage deposit models, with examples from the U.S. Geological Survey global mineral resource assessment

This paper reports on a methodology that is used with estimates of undiscovered copper resources to evaluate the likely contribution that the predicted resources will make to mineral supplies in the foreseeable future.

An exploration in mineral supply chain mapping using tantalum as an example

Investigates the complexity of mineral and metal supply chains in general and shows how they can be mapped. A supply chain is made up of all the manufacturers, suppliers, and information networks supplying materials and parts for production.

U.S. mineral dependence—Statistical compilation of U.S. and world mineral production, consumption, and trade, 1990–2010

The report provides insight into the dependence of the United States on foreign supply to meet the country’s mineral needs. This overview highlights the importance of understanding what is happening at each point along the supply chain.

A crosswalk of mineral commodity end uses and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes

This crosswalk is based on the premise that there is a connection between the way mineral commodities are used and how this use is reflected in the economy. Raw mineral commodities are the basic materials from which goods, finished products, or intermedia