Moulton, Craig W.

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High-Frequency, Crosswell Radar Data Collected in a Laboratory Tank

Crosswell radar data were collected among three wells in a laboratory tank filled with dry sand. Embedded within the sand was a long plastic box, which was the target for the data collection. Two datasets were collected between each pair of wells, making

Ground-based electromagnetic survey, Shellmound, Mississippi, October 2018

Shallow soil characteristics were mapped using an electromagnetic sensor in October 2018. Data were acquired by towing the sensor on a wheeled cart behind an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), with the sensor at a height of 0.432 meters (m) above the ground surface. Data are provided in CSV format.

Ground conductivity measurements at selected National Wildlife Refuges, Montana and North Dakota, 2017-2018

Shallow subsurface electrical conductivity mapped at selected U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service managed lands in northeast Montana and northwest North Dakota in the winters of 2017 and 2018. Data are provided in CSV format, locations are provided in shapefile format.