Phelps, Geoffrey A.

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High-angle faults in the basement of Yucca Flats, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, based on analysis of a constrained gravity inversion surface

A fault map and digital fault dataset were constructed based on offsets of the basement surface. Because these faults are, in large part, not present at the surface, they are interpreted to be inactive faults, older than the alluvial basin fill.

Principal facts for gravity stations in the vicinity of Coyote Spring valley, Nevada, with initial gravity modeling results

Gravity study to help define the shapes of young basins filled with Cenozoic rocks and alluvium, and to identify any possible faults within these basins that might influence the movement of groundwater.

Preliminary gravity inversion model of Frenchman Flat Basin, Nevada Test Site, Nevada

Provides data for the depth below the land surface,in meters, of the modeled location of the Pre-Tertiary basement surface.

Modeling of the Climax Stock and related plutons based on the inversion of magnetic data, southwest Nevada

Mathematical modeling, coupled with new observations of magnetic susceptibility, yield better estimates of the underground configuration of granite plutons.

A preliminary investigation of the structure of southern Yucca Flat, Massachusetts Mountain, and CP basin, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, based on geophysical modeling

Maps showing aeromagnetic survey results, locations of gravity station data, and discussions of processing within the report

Principal facts and an approach to collecting gravity data using near-real-time observations in the vicinity of Barstow, California

The purpose of the data collection was to investigate possible changes in gravity across mapped Quaternary faults and to improve regional gravity coverage, adding to the existing national gravity database.