Renaud, Karine M.

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Assessment of bauxite, clay, and laterite deposits in Afghanistan

<p>Bauxite-bearing rocks are present in several regions of Afghanistan; specifically, the southeast segment of the North Afghanistan Platform, the eastern parts of South Afghanistan, and within the Afghanistan-North and -South Pamir Fold Regions. Bauxite-

Recent trends in the nonfuel minerals industry of Iran

<h1>Summary</h1> In response to the recent removal of international sanctions on Iran, including the lifting of &ldquo;secondary&rdquo; sanctions by the United States on investment into and trade with Iran, the U.S. Geological Survey National Minerals Inf

Rare earth element and rare metal inventory of central Asia

Rare earth elements (REE), with their unique physical and chemical properties, are an essential part of modern living. REE have enabled development and manufacture of high-performance materials, processes, and electronic technologies commonly used today i

Rare Earth Element Occurrence Database of the Tien Shan Region, Central Asia

This inventory consists of 384 REE-RM occurrences, including 160 in Kazakhstan, 75 in Kyrgyzstan, 60 in Tajikistan, 2 in Turkmenistan, and 87 in Uzbekistan with location, mineral deposit type, geology, production, resources, and development status. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel and shapefile formats.

Compilation of Geospatial Data (GIS) for the Mineral Industries and Related Infrastructure of Select Countries in Southwest Asia

Georeferenced locations of mineral commodity production and processing facilities, mineral exploration and development sites, and mineral commodity exporting ports for the countries in this area. Data are provided in Esri file geodatabase format.