Rowley, Peter D.

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The enigmatic Rattlesnake Knoll, Spring Valley, east-central Nevada—A geophysical perspective

Rattlesnake Knoll is a small, 30-meter-high mound of igneous breccia in the center of Spring Valley, east-central Nevada. In the past, researchers have disagreed as to whether the unusual-looking outcrop is intrusive or volcanic. The breccia possesses a n

Digital geologic map of the Nevada Test Site and vicinity, Nye, Lincoln, and Clark Counties, Nevada, and Inyo County, California, revision 4

GIS data for geologic units and structural features, with aeromagnetic and gravity maps in PDF

Aeromagnetic and gravity maps of the central Marysvale volcanic field, southwestern Utah

Maps (no data) depicting aeromagnetic and Bouguer gravity anomaly in the study area. Report discusses rock sample density and magnetic properties, but data are buried in PDF tables.

Geologic and geophysical maps of the Death Valley ground-water model area, Nevada and California

Maps and geospatial data for (a) geology; (b) tectonics; (c) isostatic gravity anomaly; (d) aeromagnetic anomaly; (e) depth to pre-Cenozoic basement.