Runkel, Robert L.

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Hydrologic reconnaissance to identify areas of emergent groundwater, Mineral Creek, near Silverton, Colorado, June 2020

Results of a field survey of emergent groundwater in this area to help characterize subsurface rock properties important for understanding surface water and groundwater quality issues, and to improve knowledge of shallow to deep faults and vein-structures that were conduits for hydrothermal fluids that formed mineral deposits. Data are provided in KML, CSV, and shapefile formats. Images of the locations are provided in JPEG format.

Geochemistry and Environmental Tracer Data for Groundwater, Stream Water, and Soil and Sediment from North Quartz Creek, Colorado

Chemical data from stream water, groundwater, and soil samples collected in 2019 and 2020 in this area. Data from a tracer study is included as tool for understanding sources and loading rates of metals affecting stream water quality in a watershed affected by legacy mining and natural sulfide-weathering. Data are provided in CSV format.