Tucker, Robert D.

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Rare earth element mineralogy, geochemistry, and preliminary resource assessment of the Khanneshin carbonatite complex, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Geological setting, characteristics of the deposit itself, and detailed geochemical analyses of rocks in and around the deposit.

Geologic map of the Ahankashan-Rakhna basin, Badghis, Ghor, and Herat Provinces, Afghanistan, modified from the 1974 original map compilation of Y.I. Shcherbina and others

Presents one of several gold and copper deposit prospect areas in west-central Afghanistan. Reproduced topology of original Soviet maps and cross sections. Original terminology and rock classification translated literally to modern English geologic usage.

Rare earth element and rare metal inventory of central Asia

Rare earth elements (REE), with their unique physical and chemical properties, are an essential part of modern living. REE have enabled development and manufacture of high-performance materials, processes, and electronic technologies commonly used today i

Rare Earth Element Occurrence Database of the Tien Shan Region, Central Asia

This inventory consists of 384 REE-RM occurrences, including 160 in Kazakhstan, 75 in Kyrgyzstan, 60 in Tajikistan, 2 in Turkmenistan, and 87 in Uzbekistan with location, mineral deposit type, geology, production, resources, and development status. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel and shapefile formats.