Descriptive models, grade-tonnage relations, and databases for the assessment of sediment-hosted copper deposits--with emphasis on deposits in the Central Africa Copperbelt, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia

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Description This report describes compilation and evaluation results of data from the USGS global mineral assessment including new descriptive mineral-deposit and grade and tonnage models and spatial databases for deposits and occurrences, ore bodies and open pits.
Originators Taylor, Cliff D., Causey, J. Douglas, Denning, Paul D., Hammarstrom, Jane M., Hayes, Timothy S., Horton, John D., Kirschbaum, Michael J., Parks, Heather L., Wilson, Anna B., Wintzer, Niki E., Zientek, Michael L.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5090-J

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