GIS and data tables for focus areas for potential domestic nonfuel sources of rare earth elements

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Description Locations of focus areas to be used for planning and collection of geophysical, geological, and topographic (lidar) data pertaining to the study of rare earth element resources in the US.
Originators Dicken, Connie L., Horton, John D., San Juan, Carma A., Andersen, Allen K., Ayuso, Robert A., Bern, Carleton R., Bookstrom, Arthur A., Bradley, Dwight C., Bultman, Mark W., Carter, Mark W., Cossette, Pamela M., Day, Warren C., Drenth, Benjamin J., Emsbo, Poul, Foley, Nora K., Frost, Thomas P., Gettings, Mark E., Hammarstrom, Jane M., Hayes, Timothy S., Hofstra, Albert H., Hubbard, Bernard E., John, David A., Jones, James V. III, Kreiner, Douglas C., Lund, Karen, McCafferty, Anne E., Merschat, Arthur J., Ponce, David A., Schulz, Klaus J., Shah, Anjana K., Siler, Drew L., Taylor, Ryan D., Vikre, Peter G., Walsh, Gregory J., Woodruff, Laurel G., Z├╝rcher, Lukas
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P95CHIL0

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image/jpeg Mountain Pass REE mine, CA (B. Van Gosen, 2018); wind turbines that contain REE