Digital geologic map of the Nevada Test Site and vicinity, Nye, Lincoln, and Clark Counties, Nevada, and Inyo County, California, revision 4

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Description GIS data for geologic units and structural features, with aeromagnetic and gravity maps in PDF
Originators Slate, Janet L.; Berry, Margaret E.; Rowley, Peter D.; Fridrich, Christopher J.; Morgan, Karen S.; Workman, Jeremiah B.; Young, Owen D.; Dixon, Gary L.; Williams, Van S.; McKee, Edwin H.; Ponce, David A.; Hildenbrand, Thomas G.; Swadley, W C; Lundstrom, Scott C.; Ekren, E. Bartlett; Warren, Richard G.; Cole, James Channing; Fleck, Robert J.; Lanphere, Marvin A.; Sawyer, David A.; Minor, Scott A.; Grunwald, Daniel J.; Laczniak, Randell J.; Menges, Christopher M.; Yount, James C.; Jayko, Angela S.; Mankinen, Edward A.; Davidson, Jeffrey G.; Morin, Robert L.; and Blakely, Richard J.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-554

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Reduced size image of the entire geologic map sheet
Reduced size image of the entire geologic map sheet