Transient Electromagnetic Sounding Data Collected in the San Luis Valley, Colorado Near Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, and Alamosa National Wildlife Preserve (Field Seasons 2007, 2009, and 2011)

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Description Time-domain electromagnetic (TEM) soundings were made in this area to map the location of a blue clay unit as well as suspected faults. Data are provided in CSV and shapefile formats.
Originators Fitterman, David V.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/F7D21VQ5

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image/png SLV_location_map.png
text/csv Table2.1 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.2 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.3 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.4 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.5 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.6 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.7 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.8 - Data dictionary
text/csv Table2.9 - Data dictionary
Shapefile Point Shapefile,
text/plain GSD301.TEM
text/plain GSD302.TEM
text/plain GSD303.TEM
text/plain GSD304.TEM
text/plain GSD305.TEM
text/plain GSD306.TEM
text/plain GSD307.TEM
text/plain GSD308.TEM
text/plain GSD309.TEM
text/plain GSD310.TEM
text/plain GSD311.TEM
text/plain GSD312.TEM
text/plain GSD313.TEM
text/plain GSD314.TEM
text/plain GSD315.TEM
text/plain GSD316.TEM
text/plain GSD317.TEM
text/plain GSD318.TEM
text/plain GSD319.TEM
text/plain GSD320.TEM
text/plain GSD321.TEM
text/plain GSD322.TEM
text/plain GSD323.TEM
text/plain GSD324.TEM
text/plain GSD325.TEM
text/plain GSD326.TEM
text/plain GSD327.TEM
text/plain GSD328.TEM
text/plain GSD329.TEM
text/plain GSD330.TEM
text/plain GSD331.TEM
text/plain GSD332.TEM
text/plain GSD333.TEM
text/plain GSD334.TEM
text/plain GSD335.TEM
text/plain GSD336.TEM
text/plain GSD337.TEM
text/plain GSD338.TEM
text/plain GSD339.TEM
text/plain NWR01.TEM
text/plain NWR01H.TEM
text/plain NWR01U.TEM
text/plain NWR02.TEM
text/plain NWR02H.TEM
text/plain NWR02U.TEM
text/plain NWR03.TEM
text/plain NWR03D.TEM
text/plain NWR03H.TEM
text/plain NWR03U.TEM
text/plain NWR04.TEM
text/plain NWR04H.TEM
text/plain NWR04U.TEM
text/plain NWR05.TEM
text/plain NWR05D.TEM
text/plain NWR05H.TEM
text/plain NWR05U.TEM
text/plain NWR06.TEM
text/plain NWR06D.TEM
text/plain NWR06H.TEM
text/plain NWR06U.TEM
application/unknown GRSAND11.TX3
application/pdf TEM_plots_2011.pdf
application/pdf TEM_report_2011.pdf
text/plain TEM_report_2011.txt
application/unknown GRSAND09.TX3
application/pdf TEM_plots_2009.pdf
application/pdf TEM_report_2009.pdf
text/plain TEM_report_2009.txt
text/plain GSD101.PRV
text/plain GSD102.PRV
text/plain GSD103.PRV
text/plain GSD104.PRV
text/plain GSD105.PRV
text/plain GSD106.PRV
text/plain GSD107.PRV
text/plain GSD108.PRV
text/plain GSD109.PRV
text/plain GSD110.PRV
text/plain GSD111.PRV
text/plain GSD112.PRV
text/plain GSD113.PRV
text/plain GSD114.PRV
text/plain GSD115.PRV
text/plain GSD116.PRV
text/plain GSD117.PRV
text/plain GSD118.PRV
text/plain GSD119.PRV
text/plain GSD120.PRV
text/plain GSD121.PRV
text/plain GSD122.PRV
text/plain GSD123.PRV
text/plain GSD124.PRV
text/plain GSD125.PRV
text/plain GSD126.PRV
text/plain GSD127.PRV
text/plain GSD128.PRV
text/plain GSD129.PRV
text/plain GSD130.PRV
text/plain GSD131.PRV
text/plain GSD132.PRV
text/plain GSD133.PRV
text/plain GSD134.PRV
text/plain GSD135.PRV
text/plain GSD136.PRV
text/plain GSD137.PRV
text/plain GSD138.PRV
text/plain GSD139.PRV
text/plain GSD140.PRV
text/plain GSD141.PRV
text/plain GSD142.PRV
text/plain GSD143.PRV
text/plain GSD144.PRV
text/plain BP01.TAV
text/plain BP02.TAV
text/plain BP03.TAV
text/plain BP04.TAV
text/plain BP05.TAV
text/plain BP06.TAV
text/plain BP07.TAV
text/plain BP08.TAV
text/plain BP09.TAV
text/plain BP10.TAV
text/plain GSD201.TAV
text/plain GSD202.TAV
text/plain GSD203.TAV
text/plain GSD204.TAV
text/plain GSD205.TAV
text/plain GSD206.TAV
text/plain GSD207.TAV
text/plain GSD208.TAV
text/plain GSD209.TAV
text/plain GSD210.TAV
text/plain GSD211.TAV
text/plain GSD212.TAV
text/plain GSD213.TAV
text/plain GSD214.TAV
text/plain GSD215.TAV
text/plain GSD216.TAV
text/plain GSD217.TAV
text/plain GSD218.TAV
text/plain GSD219.TAV
text/plain GSD220.TAV
text/plain GSD221.TAV
text/plain GSD222.TAV
text/plain GSD223.TAV
text/plain GSD224.TAV
text/plain GSD225.TAV
text/plain GSD226.TAV
text/plain GSD227.TAV
text/plain GSD228.TAV
text/plain GSD229.TAV
text/plain GSD230.TAV
text/plain GSD231.TAV
text/plain GSD232.TAV
text/plain GSD233.TAV
text/plain GSD234.TAV
text/plain GSD235.TAV
text/plain GSD236.TAV
text/plain GSD237.TAV
text/plain GSD238.TAV
text/plain GSD239.TAV
text/plain GSD240.TAV
text/plain GSD241.TAV
text/plain GSD242.TAV
text/plain GSD243.TAV
text/plain GSD244.TAV
text/plain GSD245.TAV
text/plain GSD246.TAV
text/plain GSD247.TAV
text/plain GSD248.TAV
text/plain GSD249.TAV
text/plain GSD250.TAV
text/plain GSD251.TAV
text/plain GSD252.TAV
text/plain GSD253.TAV
text/plain GSD254.TAV
text/plain GSD301.PRV
text/plain GSD302.PRV
text/plain GSD303.PRV
text/plain GSD304.PRV
text/plain GSD305.PRV
text/plain GSD306.PRV
text/plain GSD307.PRV
text/plain GSD308.PRV
text/plain GSD309.PRV
text/plain GSD310.PRV
text/plain GSD311.PRV
text/plain GSD312.PRV
text/plain GSD313.PRV
text/plain GSD314.PRV
text/plain GSD315.PRV
text/plain GSD316.PRV
text/plain GSD317.PRV
text/plain GSD318.PRV
text/plain GSD319.PRV
text/plain GSD320.PRV
text/plain GSD321.PRV
text/plain GSD322.PRV
text/plain GSD323.PRV
text/plain GSD324.PRV
text/plain GSD325.PRV
text/plain GSD326.PRV
text/plain GSD327.PRV
text/plain GSD328.PRV
text/plain GSD329.PRV
text/plain GSD330.PRV
text/plain GSD331.PRV
text/plain GSD332.PRV
text/plain GSD333.PRV
text/plain GSD334.PRV
text/plain GSD335.PRV
text/plain GSD336.PRV
text/plain GSD337.PRV
text/plain GSD338.PRV
text/plain GSD339.PRV
text/plain NWR01.PRV
text/plain NWR01C.PRV
text/plain NWR01H.PRV
text/plain NWR01U.PRV
text/plain NWR02.PRV
text/plain NWR02C.PRV
text/plain NWR02H.PRV
text/plain NWR02U.PRV
text/plain NWR03.PRV
text/plain NWR03C.PRV
text/plain NWR03H.PRV
text/plain NWR03U.PRV
text/plain NWR04.PRV
text/plain NWR04C.PRV
text/plain NWR04H.PRV
text/plain NWR04U.PRV
text/plain NWR05.PRV
text/plain NWR05C.PRV
text/plain NWR05H.PRV
text/plain NWR05U.PRV
text/plain NWR06.PRV
text/plain NWR06C.PRV
text/plain NWR06H.PRV
text/plain NWR06U.PRV
text/plain BP01.PRV
text/plain BP02.PRV
text/plain BP03.PRV
text/plain BP04.PRV
text/plain BP05.PRV
text/plain BP06.PRV
text/plain BP07.PRV
text/plain BP08.PRV
text/plain BP09.PRV
text/plain BP10.PRV
text/plain GSD201.PRV
text/plain GSD202.PRV
text/plain GSD203.PRV
text/plain GSD204.PRV
text/plain GSD205.PRV
text/plain GSD206.PRV
text/plain GSD207.PRV
text/plain GSD208.PRV
text/plain GSD209.PRV
text/plain GSD210.PRV
text/plain GSD211.PRV
text/plain GSD212.PRV
text/plain GSD213.PRV
text/plain GSD214.PRV
text/plain GSD215.PRV
text/plain GSD216.PRV
text/plain GSD217.PRV
text/plain GSD218.PRV
text/plain GSD219.PRV
text/plain GSD220.PRV
text/plain GSD221.PRV
text/plain GSD222.PRV
text/plain GSD223.PRV
text/plain GSD224.PRV
text/plain GSD225.PRV
text/plain GSD226.PRV
text/plain GSD227.PRV
text/plain GSD228.PRV
text/plain GSD229.PRV
text/plain GSD230.PRV
text/plain GSD231.PRV
text/plain GSD232.PRV
text/plain GSD233.PRV
text/plain GSD234.PRV
text/plain GSD235.PRV
text/plain GSD236.PRV
text/plain GSD237.PRV
text/plain GSD238.PRV
text/plain GSD239.PRV
text/plain GSD240.PRV
text/plain GSD241.PRV
text/plain GSD242.PRV
text/plain GSD243.PRV
text/plain GSD244.PRV
text/plain GSD245.PRV
text/plain GSD246.PRV
text/plain GSD247.PRV
text/plain GSD248.PRV
text/plain GSD249.PRV
text/plain GSD250.PRV
text/plain GSD251.PRV
text/plain GSD252.PRV
text/plain GSD253.PRV
text/plain GSD254.PRV
text/plain BP01.TEM
text/plain BP02.TEM
text/plain BP03.TEM
text/plain BP04.TEM
text/plain BP05.TEM
text/plain BP06.TEM
text/plain BP07.TEM
text/plain BP08.TEM
text/plain BP09.TEM
text/plain BP10.TEM
text/plain GSD201.TEM
text/plain GSD202.TEM
text/plain GSD203.TEM
text/plain GSD204.TEM
text/plain GSD205.TEM
text/plain GSD206.TEM
text/plain GSD207.TEM
text/plain GSD208.TEM
text/plain GSD209.TEM
text/plain GSD210.TEM
text/plain GSD211.TEM
text/plain GSD212.TEM
text/plain GSD213.TEM
text/plain GSD214.TEM
text/plain GSD215.TEM
text/plain GSD216.TEM
text/plain GSD217.TEM
text/plain GSD218.TEM
text/plain GSD219.TEM
text/plain GSD220.TEM
text/plain GSD221.TEM
text/plain GSD222.TEM
text/plain GSD223.TEM
text/plain GSD224.TEM
text/plain GSD225.TEM
text/plain GSD226.TEM
text/plain GSD227.TEM
text/plain GSD228.TEM
text/plain GSD229.TEM
text/plain GSD230.TEM
text/plain GSD231.TEM
text/plain GSD232.TEM
text/plain GSD233.TEM
text/plain GSD234.TEM
text/plain GSD235.TEM
text/plain GSD236.TEM
text/plain GSD237.TEM
text/plain GSD238.TEM
text/plain GSD239.TEM
text/plain GSD240.TEM
text/plain GSD241.TEM
text/plain GSD242.TEM
text/plain GSD243.TEM
text/plain GSD244.TEM
text/plain GSD245.TEM
text/plain GSD246.TEM
text/plain GSD247.TEM
text/plain GSD248.TEM
text/plain GSD249.TEM
text/plain GSD250.TEM
text/plain GSD251.TEM
text/plain GSD252.TEM
text/plain GSD253.TEM
text/plain GSD254.TEM
text/plain GSD101.TAV
text/plain GSD102.TAV
text/plain GSD103.TAV
text/plain GSD104.TAV
text/plain GSD105.TAV
text/plain GSD106.TAV
text/plain GSD107.TAV
text/plain GSD108.TAV
text/plain GSD109.TAV
text/plain GSD110.TAV
text/plain GSD111.TAV
text/plain GSD112.TAV
text/plain GSD113.TAV
text/plain GSD114.TAV
text/plain GSD115.TAV
text/plain GSD116.TAV
text/plain GSD117.TAV
text/plain GSD118.TAV
text/plain GSD119.TAV
text/plain GSD120.TAV
text/plain GSD121.TAV
text/plain GSD122.TAV
text/plain GSD123.TAV
text/plain GSD124.TAV
text/plain GSD125.TAV
text/plain GSD126.TAV
text/plain GSD127.TAV
text/plain GSD128.TAV
text/plain GSD129.TAV
text/plain GSD130.TAV
text/plain GSD131.TAV
text/plain GSD132.TAV
text/plain GSD133.TAV
text/plain GSD134.TAV
text/plain GSD135.TAV
text/plain GSD136.TAV
text/plain GSD137.TAV
text/plain GSD138.TAV
text/plain GSD139.TAV
text/plain GSD140.TAV
text/plain GSD141.TAV
text/plain GSD142.TAV
text/plain GSD143.TAV
text/plain GSD144.TAV
text/plain BP01.INV
text/plain BP01L3.INV
text/plain BP02.INV
text/plain BP02L3.INV
text/plain BP03.INV
text/plain BP04.INV
text/plain BP04L3.INV
text/plain BP05.INV
text/plain BP06.INV
text/plain BP07.INV
text/plain BP08.INV
text/plain BP09.INV
text/plain BP09L5.INV
text/plain BP10.INV
text/plain GSD201.INV
text/plain GSD202.INV
text/plain GSD203.INV
text/plain GSD204.INV
text/plain GSD205.INV
text/plain GSD206.INV
text/plain GSD207.INV
text/plain GSD208.INV
text/plain GSD209.INV
text/plain GSD210.INV
text/plain GSD211.INV
text/plain GSD212.INV
text/plain GSD213.INV
text/plain GSD214.INV
text/plain GSD215.INV
text/plain GSD216.INV
text/plain GSD217.INV
text/plain GSD218.INV
text/plain GSD219.INV
text/plain GSD220.INV
text/plain GSD221.INV
text/plain GSD222.INV
text/plain GSD223.INV
text/plain GSD224.INV
text/plain GSD225.INV
text/plain GSD226.INV
text/plain GSD227.INV
text/plain GSD228.INV
text/plain GSD229.INV
text/plain GSD230.INV
text/plain GSD231.INV
text/plain GSD232.INV
text/plain GSD233.INV
text/plain GSD234.INV
text/plain GSD235.INV
text/plain GSD236.INV
text/plain GSD237.INV
text/plain GSD238.INV
text/plain GSD239.INV
text/plain GSD240.INV
text/plain GSD241.INV
text/plain GSD242.INV
text/plain GSD243.INV
text/plain GSD244.INV
text/plain GSD245.INV
text/plain GSD246.INV
text/plain GSD247.INV
text/plain GSD248.INV
text/plain GSD249.INV
text/plain GSD250.INV
text/plain GSD251.INV
text/plain GSD252.INV
text/plain GSD253.INV
text/plain GSD254.INV
text/plain GSD101.TEM
text/plain GSD102.TEM
text/plain GSD103.TEM
text/plain GSD104.TEM
text/plain GSD105.TEM
text/plain GSD105X.TEM
text/plain GSD106.TEM
text/plain GSD107.TEM
text/plain GSD108.TEM
text/plain GSD109.TEM
text/plain GSD110.TEM
text/plain GSD111.TEM
text/plain GSD112.TEM
text/plain GSD113.TEM
text/plain GSD114.TEM
text/plain GSD115.TEM
text/plain GSD116.TEM
text/plain GSD117.TEM
text/plain GSD118.TEM
text/plain GSD119.TEM
text/plain GSD120.TEM
text/plain GSD121.TEM
text/plain GSD122.TEM
text/plain GSD123.TEM
text/plain GSD124.TEM
text/plain GSD125.TEM
text/plain GSD126.TEM
text/plain GSD127.TEM
text/plain GSD128.TEM
text/plain GSD129.TEM
text/plain GSD130.TEM
text/plain GSD131.TEM
text/plain GSD132.TEM
text/plain GSD133.TEM
text/plain GSD134.TEM
text/plain GSD135.TEM
text/plain GSD136.TEM
text/plain GSD137.TEM
text/plain GSD138.TEM
text/plain GSD139.TEM
text/plain GSD140.TEM
text/plain GSD141.TEM
text/plain GSD142.TEM
text/plain GSD143.TEM
text/plain GSD144.TEM
application/unknown GRSAND07.TX3
application/pdf TEM_plots_2007.pdf
application/pdf TEM_report_2007.pdf
text/plain TEM_report_2007.txt
text/plain GSD101.INV
text/plain GSD102.INV
text/plain GSD102L3.INV
text/plain GSD103.INV
text/plain GSD104.INV
text/plain GSD105.INV
text/plain GSD106.INV
text/plain GSD107.INV
text/plain GSD108.INV
text/plain GSD109.INV
text/plain GSD110.INV
text/plain GSD111.INV
text/plain GSD112.INV
text/plain GSD112L3.INV
text/plain GSD113.INV
text/plain GSD114.INV
text/plain GSD115.INV
text/plain GSD115L4.INV
text/plain GSD116.INV
text/plain GSD116L4.INV
text/plain GSD117.INV
text/plain GSD118.INV
text/plain GSD119.INV
text/plain GSD120.INV
text/plain GSD121.INV
text/plain GSD122.INV
text/plain GSD122L4.INV
text/plain GSD123.INV
text/plain GSD124.INV
text/plain GSD125.INV
text/plain GSD126.INV
text/plain GSD127.INV
text/plain GSD128.INV
text/plain GSD129.INV
text/plain GSD130.INV
text/plain GSD131.INV
text/plain GSD132.INV
text/plain GSD133.INV
text/plain GSD134.INV
text/plain GSD135.INV
text/plain GSD136.INV
text/plain GSD137.INV
text/plain GSD138.INV
text/plain GSD139.INV
text/plain GSD140.INV
text/plain GSD141.INV
text/plain GSD141L3.INV
text/plain GSD142.INV
text/plain GSD142L3.INV
text/plain GSD143.INV
text/plain GSD143L3.INV
text/plain GSD144.INV
text/plain GSD144L4.INV
text/plain GSD301.INV
text/plain GSD302.INV
text/plain GSD303.INV
text/plain GSD304.INV
text/plain GSD305.INV
text/plain GSD306.INV
text/plain GSD307.INV
text/plain GSD308.INV
text/plain GSD309.INV
text/plain GSD310.INV
text/plain GSD311.INV
text/plain GSD312.INV
text/plain GSD313.INV
text/plain GSD314.INV
text/plain GSD315.INV
text/plain GSD316.INV
text/plain GSD317.INV
text/plain GSD318.INV
text/plain GSD319.INV
text/plain GSD320.INV
text/plain GSD321.INV
text/plain GSD321L2.INV
text/plain GSD322.INV
text/plain GSD323.INV
text/plain GSD324.INV
text/plain GSD325.INV
text/plain GSD326.INV
text/plain GSD327.INV
text/plain GSD328.INV
text/plain GSD329.INV
text/plain GSD330.INV
text/plain GSD330L2.INV
text/plain GSD331.INV
text/plain GSD331L2.INV
text/plain GSD332.INV
text/plain GSD333.INV
text/plain GSD333L2.INV
text/plain GSD333L4.INV
text/plain GSD334.INV
text/plain GSD335.INV
text/plain GSD336.INV
text/plain GSD337.INV
text/plain GSD338.INV
text/plain GSD339.INV
text/plain NWR01C.INV
text/plain NWR01X.INV
text/plain NWR02C.INV
text/plain NWR02X.INV
text/plain NWR03C.INV
text/plain NWR03X.INV
text/plain NWR04C.INV
text/plain NWR04X.INV
text/plain NWR05C.INV
text/plain NWR05X.INV
text/plain NWR06C.INV
text/plain NWR06X.INV
text/plain GSD301.TAV
text/plain GSD302.TAV
text/plain GSD303.TAV
text/plain GSD304.TAV
text/plain GSD305.TAV
text/plain GSD306.TAV
text/plain GSD307.TAV
text/plain GSD308.TAV
text/plain GSD309.TAV
text/plain GSD310.TAV
text/plain GSD311.TAV
text/plain GSD312.TAV
text/plain GSD313.TAV
text/plain GSD314.TAV
text/plain GSD315.TAV
text/plain GSD316.TAV
text/plain GSD317.TAV
text/plain GSD318.TAV
text/plain GSD319.TAV
text/plain GSD320.TAV
text/plain GSD321.TAV
text/plain GSD322.TAV
text/plain GSD323.TAV
text/plain GSD324.TAV
text/plain GSD325.TAV
text/plain GSD326.TAV
text/plain GSD327.TAV
text/plain GSD328.TAV
text/plain GSD329.TAV
text/plain GSD330.TAV
text/plain GSD331.TAV
text/plain GSD332.TAV
text/plain GSD333.TAV
text/plain GSD334.TAV
text/plain GSD335.TAV
text/plain GSD336.TAV
text/plain GSD337.TAV
text/plain GSD338.TAV
text/plain GSD339.TAV
text/plain NWR01C.TAV
text/plain NWR01H.TAV
text/plain NWR01U.TAV
text/plain NWR02C.TAV
text/plain NWR02H.TAV
text/plain NWR02U.TAV
text/plain NWR03C.TAV
text/plain NWR03H.TAV
text/plain NWR03U.TAV
text/plain NWR04C.TAV
text/plain NWR04H.TAV
text/plain NWR04U.TAV
text/plain NWR05C.TAV
text/plain NWR05H.TAV
text/plain NWR05U.TAV
text/plain NWR06C.TAV
text/plain NWR06H.TAV
text/plain NWR06U.TAV