Three GIS datasets defining areas permissive for the occurrence of uranium-bearing, solution-collapse breccia pipes in northern Arizona and southeast Utah

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Description Data to determine the distribution of uranium deposits, breccia pipes, and collapse features and define areas permissible for uranium-bearing breccia pipes in northern Arizona and southeast Utah. Data are provided in shapefile format.
Originators Van Gosen, Bradley S.; Johnson, Michaela R.; and Goldman, Margaret A.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/F76D5R3Z

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image/jpeg Kanab North mine - labelled.jpg
application/zip Shapefile - Breccia_pipes_Uranium_NArizona_SEUtah.shp
application/zip Shapefile - Permissive_structures_Uranium_NArizona_SEUtah.shp
application/zip Shapefile - Permissive_areas_Uranium_NArizona_SEUtah.shp