Airborne Geophysical Surveys over the Eastern Adirondacks, New York State

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Description Airborne geophysical surveys were conducted in this area in 2015 with a nominal survey height above ground of 200 meters and flight line spacing 250 meters. Includes magnetic and radiometric (gamma spectrometry) data from those surveys. Data are provided in Geotiff and CSV formats.
Originators Shah, Anjana K.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/F72R3PT0

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application/pdf East_Adirondacks_Goldak_Report.pdf
image/jpeg Adirondacks_Photo.jpg
Shapefile MultiPolygon Shapefile, EPSG:4326
image/geotiff EAdirondacks_eTh.tif
image/geotiff EAdirondacks_eU.tif
image/geotiff EAdirondacks_K.tif
image/geotiff EAdirondacks_Ternary.tif
image/geotiff EAdirondacks_Dose.tif
image/jpeg eTh_colorbar.jpg
image/jpeg eU_colorbar.jpg
image/jpeg K_Colorbar.jpg
image/jpeg Ternary_legend.jpg
image/jpeg Dose_colorbar.jpg
text/csv DataDefinitions_Spec.csv
text/csv EAdirondacksSpec.csv
image/jpeg Spec_thumbnail.jpg
image/geotiff EAdirondacks_MagRes.tif
image/jpeg Magres_colorbar.jpg
text/csv DataDefinitions_Mag.csv
text/csv EAdirondacksMag.csv
image/jpeg MagAnom_thumbnail.jpg