Tungsten skarn mineral resource assessment of the Great Basin region of western Nevada and eastern California - Simulation results

Online link https://doi.org/10.5066/P9RD6SEF
Description Mineral resource assessment information including the input data, parameters, and results output from software that calculates the assessment. Data are provided in CSV format.
Originators Lederer, Graham W.; Solano, Federico; Coyan, Joshua A.; Denton, Kevin M.; Watts, Kathryn E.; Mercer, Celestine N.; Bickerstaff, Damon P.; and Granitto, Matthew
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9RD6SEF
Metadata https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/file/get/5eea3bdc82ce3bd58d854a32?name=Product_0.5066P9RD6SEF_METADATA.xml

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text/csv DataDictionary.csv https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/file/get/5eea3bdc82ce3bd58d854a32?name=DataDictionary.csv