Ground-based electromagnetic survey, Shellmound, Mississippi, October 2018

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Description Shallow soil characteristics were mapped using an electromagnetic sensor in October 2018. Data were acquired by towing the sensor on a wheeled cart behind an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), with the sensor at a height of 0.432 meters (m) above the ground surface. Data are provided in CSV format.
Originators Pace, Michael D.; Minsley, Burke J.; Moulton, Craig W.; and Reitman, James
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9YRT884

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Shapefile Point Shapefile, EPSG:5070
text/csv ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_ProcessedData.csv
text/csv ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_DataDictionary_ProcessedData.csv
text/csv ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_RawData.csv
text/csv ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_DataDictionary_rawData.csv
application/pdf Dualem_data_acquistion_description.pdf
text/csv ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_DataDictionary_invData.csv
text/csv ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_InversionData.csv
application/pdf ShellmoundSurfaceEM2018_resistivity_models.pdf