X-ray diffraction data of sediment samples from Hastings, Nebraska

Online link https://doi.org/10.5066/P98GDZFV
Description X-ray diffraction data on sediment core samples collected in this area to inform aquifer sediment composition, mineralogical composition of operationally defined size fractions, and geochemical modeling. Data are provided in CSV format.
Originators Campbell-Hay, Kate M. and Kane, Tyler J.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P98GDZFV
Metadata https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/file/get/5f99d05ed34e198cb786e80d?name=Hastings_XRD_data.xml

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text/csv XRD_data.csv https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/file/get/5f99d05ed34e198cb786e80d?name=XRD_data.csv