Qualitative Mineral Potential Map of Tungsten Skarn in the Yukon-Tanana Uplands, Eastern Alaska, USA, 2021

Online link https://doi.org/10.5066/P9TDKQE4
Description GIS data that map potential for tungsten skarn mineralization in permissive tracts in the Yukon-Tanana Uplands, Eastern Alaska, along with tables listing keywords and procedures used to produce the permissive tracts and score them for mineral potential. Data are provided in Esri file geodatabase, shapefile, KML and CSV formats.
Originators Case, George N.; Graham, Garth E.; Marsh, Erin E.; Taylor, Ryan D.; Green, Carlin J.; Brown, Philip J. II; and Labay, Keith A.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9TDKQE4
Metadata https://alaska.usgs.gov/data/metadata/energy_minerals/geology/tungstenSkarn_mineralPotential_yukonTanana_case_2021/tungstenSkarn_mineralPotential_yukonTanana_case_2021.xml

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Big Delta A-1, Big Delta A-2, Big Delta A-3, Big Delta A-5, Big Delta B-1, Big Delta B-2, Big Delta B-3, Big Delta B-4, Big Delta B-5, Big Delta B-6, Big Delta C-1, Big Delta C-2, Big Delta C-3, Big Delta C-4, Big Delta C-5, Big Delta C-6, Big Delta D-1, Big Delta D-2, Big Delta D-3, Big Delta D-4, Big Delta D-5, Big Delta D-6, Charley River A-4, Charley River A-5, Charley River A-6, Charley River B-1, Charley River B-6, Circle A-1, Circle A-2, Circle A-3, Circle A-4, Circle A-5, Circle A-6, Circle B-1, Circle B-2, Circle B-3, Circle B-4, Circle B-5, Circle B-6, Circle C-2, Circle C-3, Circle C-4, Circle C-5, Circle C-6, Eagle A-1, Eagle A-2, Eagle A-3, Eagle A-4, Eagle A-5, Eagle A-6, Eagle B-1, Eagle B-2, Eagle B-3, Eagle B-4, Eagle B-5, Eagle B-6, Eagle C-1, Eagle C-2, Eagle C-3, Eagle C-4, Eagle C-5, Eagle C-6, Eagle D-2, Eagle D-3, Eagle D-4, Eagle D-5, Eagle D-6, Fairbanks A-1, Fairbanks A-2, Fairbanks A-3, Fairbanks A-4, Fairbanks A-5, Fairbanks D-1, Fairbanks D-2, Fairbanks D-3, Healy A-4, Healy A-6, Healy C-1, Healy D-1, Healy D-2, Healy D-3, Healy D-4, Livengood A-1, Livengood A-2, Livengood B-1, Livengood B-3, Livengood B-4, Livengood B-5, Livengood B-6, Livengood C-1, Livengood C-4, Mt Hayes A-1, Mt Hayes A-2, Mt Hayes A-3, Mt Hayes A-6, Mt Hayes B-1, Mt Hayes B-2, Mt Hayes B-3, Mt Hayes B-6, Mt Hayes C-2, Mt Hayes C-3, Mt Hayes C-4, Mt Hayes D-1, Mt Hayes D-4, Mt Hayes D-6, Nabesna D-6, Tanacross A-1, Tanacross A-2, Tanacross A-3, Tanacross A-4, Tanacross A-5, Tanacross A-6, Tanacross B-1, Tanacross B-2, Tanacross B-3, Tanacross B-4, Tanacross B-5, Tanacross B-6, Tanacross C-1, Tanacross C-2, Tanacross C-3, Tanacross C-4, Tanacross C-5, Tanacross C-6, Tanacross D-1, Tanacross D-2, Tanacross D-3, Tanacross D-4, Tanacross D-5, Tanacross D-6

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Shapefile File geodatabase, shapefile, kml, and metadata, in a zip package. https://alaska.usgs.gov/data/geology/tungstenSkarn_mineralPotential_yukonTanana_case_2021/tungstenSkarn_mineralPotential_yukonTanana_case_2021.zip