Aeromagnetic Data of Alturas, California, and Surrounding Areas

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Description Aeromagnetic survey data giving the calculated magnetic anomaly. Data are provided in CSV format.
Originators Langenheim, Victoria E.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9LU37RC

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Adin, Adin Pass, Al Shinn Canyon, Alturas, Ambrose, Ambrose Valley, Anderson Mountain, Ash Creek Butte, Ash Valley, Beaver Mountain, Big Sage Reservoir, Big Swamp, Boles Meadows East, Boles Meadows West, Bonita Butte, Boot Lake, Border Mountain, Brady Butte, Bray, Bryant Mountain, Buckhorn Canyon, Buckhorn Lake, Bull Flat, Burnt Lake, Caldwell Butte, Canby, Captain Jacks Stronghold, Carr Butte, Cherry Mountain, Cleghorn Flat, Cold Spring Mountain, Copic, Crank Mountain, Davis Creek, Dead Horse Reservoir, Dodge Reservoir, Donica Mountain, Dorris, Dorris Reservoir, Double Head Mountain, Eagle Peak, Emerson Peak, Five Springs, Garner Mountain, Graven Ridge, Hager Basin, Halls Canyon, Hamaker Mountain, Happy Camp Mountain, Hatfield, Hermit Butte, Holbrook Canyon, Hole in the Ground, Hollenbeck, Horse Peak, Infernal Caverns, Jacks Butte, Jess Valley, Juniper Ridge, Karlo, Kephart, Knobcone Butte, Knox Mountain, Lane Reservoir, Langell Valley, Lauer Reservoir, Likely, Little Glass Mountain, Little Juniper Reservoir, Little Mud Flat, Lone Pine Butte, Lost River, Lower Klamath Lake, Madeline, Mahogany Ridge, Malin, Mcdonald Peak, Mcginty Point, Mcginty Reservoir, Medicine Lake, Merrill, Mixie Flat, Mount Dome, Newell, Observation Peak, Payne Peak, Pease Flat, Perez, Pinnacle Lake, Porcupine Butte, Pothole Valley, Rainbow Mountain, Rattlesnake Butte, Ravendale, Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock Lakes, Rimrock Lake, Sagebrush Butte, Schonchin Butte, Sharp Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sheepy Lake, Shields Creek, Shinn Mountain, Smoke Creek Ranch, Snag Hill, Snowstorm Mountain, Soup Creek, South Mountain, Spaulding Butte, Steele Swamp, Sugar Hill, Surprise, Tennant, Termo, The Panhandle, Tule Mountain, Tulelake, Washington Mountain, Weed Valley, West Haight Mountain, West of Kephart, West of Snowstorm Mountain, West of Willow Ranch, Whitinger Mountain, Whittemore Ridge, Worden

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