Clayton Valley Geophysical Data Release

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Description Reprocessed existing gravity data compiled from multiple sources, as well as newly collected gravity and ground magnetic data, and bulk densities and magnetic susceptibilities from outcrop, hand samples, and drill cores. Data are provided in CSV format.
Originators Dean, Branden J.; Glen, Jonathan M. G.; Earney, Tait E.; Zielinski, Laurie A.; Schermerhorn, William D.; and Ritzinger, Brent T.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9EC97SM

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text/csv Lithium_ClaytonValley_Gravity_2.csv
text/csv Lithium_ClaytonValley_HandSamples_2.csv
text/csv Lithium_ClaytonValley_Mag_2.csv
text/csv Lithium_Core_density_samples_2.csv
text/csv Lithium_Core_log_2.csv
application/pdf Tonopah_Mizpah_description.pdf