Mineral abundances within bulk and size-fractionated mine waste from the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Tri-State Mining District, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Online link https://doi.org/10.5066/P9ZM36FG
Description Mineral abundances within bulk and size-fractionated mine waste from sampled historical waste piles from this area. Data are provided in CSV format.
Originators White, Sarah Jane O.; Piatak, Nadine M.; McAleer, Ryan J.; Hayes, Sarah M.; Seal, Robert R. II; Schaider, Laurel A.; Shine, James P.; Green, Carlin J.; Hoppe, Darryl A.; and Croke, Mary R.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9ZM36FG
Metadata https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/file/get/628e9ebcd34ef70cdba400d5?name=Product_10.5066P9ZM36FG_METADATA.xml

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