Terrestrial radioactivity and gamma-ray exposure in the United States and Canada

Online link https://mrdata.usgs.gov/radiometric/
Description Data generated by aerial sensing of radiation emanating from the earth's surface provides general estimates of the geographic distribution of Uranium, Thorium, and Potassium in surficial and bedrock units. Covers the conterminous United States, southeaste
Originators Duval, Joseph S., Carson, John M., Holman, Peter B., Darnley, Arthur G.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2005-1413
Metadata Questions and answers

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WMS Colorized potassium, thorium, uranium, and composite images derived from airborne gamma ray measurements https://mrdata.usgs.gov/services/radiometric?request=getcapabilities&service=WMS&version=1.3.0&