Indium deposits in the United States

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Description Descriptions of the only U.S. sites-including mining districts, mineral occurrences, and mine features-that have reported production and (or) resources of indium (In). Data are provided in CSV, Esri file geodatabase, and shapefile formats.
Originators Karl, Nick A.; Gnesda, William R.; Funk, Jonathan A.; Mauk, Jeffrey L.; and Forbush, Clayton R.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P97FRY3M

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text/plain Readme file
application/zip Indium data (CSV files and Data Dictionary)
application/zip Indium Geodatabase
application/zip Indium Metadata (XML, HTML, TXT)
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image/png Indium ingots; Bingham Canyon porphyry copper deposit, Utah.