Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey of the Wet Mountains and surrounding region, Custer and Fremont Counties, south-central Colorado, 2021

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Description Digital flight-line and gridded data for a high-resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric survey of this area. A total of 17,032 kilometers were flown along the lines, covering a 2,200 square-kilometer irregular area.
Originators Grauch, V. J. S., Anderson, Eric D., Brown, Philip J. II, Allen Langhans, April D.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9PISI0X

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image/png Wet Mountains Survey Overview
application/zip Contractor Final Deliverables
application/pdf Contractor Report
Shapefile MultiPolygon Shapefile, EPSG:26913
Shapefile MultiLineString Shapefile, EPSG:4326
image/png Radiometric Survey Overview Image
application/octet-stream Radiometric Flightline Spectra Data
text/csv Data Dictionary for Radiometric Flightline Data
text/csv ASCII Radiometric Flightline Data Without Spectra
image/png Magnetic Survey Overview Image
text/csv Data Dictionary for Flightline Data
text/csv ASCII File of Magnetic Data