Compilation of Geospatial Data (GIS) for the Mineral Industries and Related Infrastructure of Select Countries in Southwest Asia

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Description Georeferenced locations of mineral commodity production and processing facilities, mineral exploration and development sites, and mineral commodity exporting ports for the countries in this area. Data are provided in Esri file geodatabase format.
Originators Padilla, Abraham D., Buteyn, Spencer D., Neustaedter, Elizabeth R., Otarod, Donya, Wolfe, Erica R., Freeman, Philip A., Trippi, Michael H., Kemna, Ryan F., Trimmer, Loyd M. III, Renaud, Karine M., Szczesniak, Philip A., Moon, Ji Won, Chung, Jaewon, Dicken, Connie L., Hammarstrom, Jane M.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9OCRYYO

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Plot of the map data.
Plot of the map data.

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