Gravity Data in the eastern Mojave Desert, California and Nevada

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Description Nearly 10,000 measurements of gravity governed by consistent parameters and adjustments to account for all of the common physical phenomena that affect these measurements. Data are provided in CSV and shapefile formats.
Originators Ponce, David A.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey data release 10.5066/P9T4AKEJ

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Amboy, Amboy Crater, Bagdad SW, Bannock, Bighorn Basin, Bird Spring, Blackwater Mine, Blind Hills, Boulder City, Boulder City NW, Boulder City SE, Boulder City SW, Boundary Cone, Bridge Canyon, Brown Buttes, Budweiser Wash, Cadiz, Cadiz Summit, Calvada Springs, Castle Dome, Castle Peaks, Chemehuevi Peak, Cima, Cima Dome, Clark Mountain, Colton Well, Columbia Mountain, Cottonwood Pass, Cow Cove, Cowhole Mountain, Crescent Peak, Danby, Davis Dam, Davis Dam SE, Desert, Desert Spring, East of Grotto Hills, East of Homer Mountain, East of Kingston Peak, East of Kingston Spring, East of Siberia, Essex, Fenner, Fenner Hills, Fenner Spring, Fire Mountain, Flattop Mountain, Fountain Peak, Fourth of July Mountain, Glasgow, Goffs, Goodsprings, Granite Spring, Green Monster Mine, Grotto Hills, Hackberry Mountain, Halloran Springs, Hart Peak, Hayden, Henderson, Hidden Valley, Highland Spring, Homer, Homer Mountain, Hoover Dam, Hopps Well, Horse Thief Springs, Housholder Pass, Indian Spring, Ireteba Peaks, Ivanpah, Ivanpah Lake, Jean, Joshua, Juniper Mine, Kelso, Kelso Dunes, Keyhole Canyon, Kingston Peak, Kingston Spring, Little Piute Mountains, Marl Mountains, Mccullough Mountain, Mccullough Mountain NE, Mccullough Pass, Mescal Range, Mesquite Lake, Mesquite Mountain, Mid Hills, Mineral Hill, Mohave Mine, Monumental Pass, Mount Davis, Mount Manchester, Mount Perkins, Mount Wilson, Needles, Needles NE, Needles NW, Needles SW, Nelson, Nelson SW, Nipton, Old Dad Mountain, Old Woman Statue, Pachalka Spring, Painted Rock Wash, Pinto Valley, Potosi, Ringbolt Rapids, Roach, Searchlight, Searchlight SE, Seventeenmile Point, Shenandoah Peak, Siberia, Signal Hill, Skeleton Pass, Sloan, Sloan NE, Sloan SE, Snaggletooth, Solomons Knob, Spirit Mountain, Spirit Mountain NE, Spirit Mountain NW, Spirit Mountain SE, State Line Pass, Stepladder Mountains, Stepladder Mountains NE, Stepladder Mountains NW, Stepladder Mountains SW, Stump Spring, Tenmile Well, Turquoise Mountain, Union Pass, Valley Wells, Van Winkle Spring, Van Winkle Wash, West of Blind Hills, West of Budweiser Wash, West of Flattop Mountain, West of Glasgow, West of Juniper Mine, West of Shenandoah Peak, Whale Mountain, Willow Beach, Woods Mountains

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