Geochemical data for stream-sediment, surface-water, rock, and vegetation samples from Red Mountain (Dry Creek), an unmined volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in the Bonnifield district, Alaska Range, east-central Alaska

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Description Geochemical data for stream sediment, surface-water, rock, precipitate, and vegetation samples from Red Mountain
Originators Giles, Stuart A.; Eppinger, Robert G.; Granitto, Matthew; Zelenak, P.P.; Adams, Monique G.; Anthony, Michael W.; Briggs, Paul H.; Gough, Larry P.; Hageman, Philip L.; Hammarstrom, Jane M.; Horton, John D.; Sutley, Stephen J.; Theodorakos, Peter M.; and Wolf, Ruth E.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Data Series DS-204

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